Les filles de Loth, 1957

The Foundation

The Foundation and its activities

Created in September 1995, under the presidency of Jackie W. Nyffeler, the aim of the Fondation Émile Chambon is to promote and preserve for posterity the memory of the painter Émile Chambon through exhibitions or any other event fulfilling this mission. It also ensures that the rights inherent in the artist's work are respected, and is working on the "Catalogue raisonné" of his painted works. The Foundation is an authority in the field of expertise and certification. All paintings sold from the studio collection are issued with a certificate of authenticity to the buyer and to collectors who so wish. The Foundation is also responsible for managing the remainder of the painter's collections.

Board members

Jackie W. Nyffeler, President
Joëlle Nyffeler, Vice-President
Jasmine Marchon, Secretary
Thierry Schaer, Treasurer
Philippe Clerc, art historian, member

History of the Foundation

After the painter's death, the Foundation's primary concern was to bring together, under a single roof, both the artist's painted work and his collections of paintings and drawings from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Chambon also had a particular interest in the 19th century, that of Courbet, his master from Ornans, of whom he owned many works, as well as canvases by painters from his entourage.

It was also necessary to assemble what remained of his collection of African art, much of which had been bequeathed to the Musée d'Ethnographie in Geneva.

This was followed by the classification of his particularly extensive library and archives, enabling the Foundation to envisage a sensitive and in-depth approach to Émile Chambon's work.



Friends' Association of the Émile Chambon Foundation

The primary aim of the Association des Amis de la Fondation Émile Chambon is to assist the Fondation Émile Chambon in its various missions: to honor the memory of the painter, to contribute to the promotion of his work, to organize exhibitions related to his work and to produce the catalog raisonné of his paintings. 

The Association also organizes exhibition visits, conferences or events related to Chambon's work and twentieth-century Swiss painting.

Membership fees

Individual member: 70 CHF/year
Couple: 100 CHF/year
Company/institutional: 200 CHF/year
Lifetime member: CHF 500 (one-off payment) + a free drawing 
Lifetime couple membership: 700 CHF (one-off payment) + one free drawing

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