Les filles de Loth, 1957

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As the only body authorized to issue certificates, the Fondation Émile Chambon relies on its in-depth knowledge of the artist's work, as well as its archives containing thousands of documents.

The Foundation's Committee also relies on the advice of restorers specialized in painting and works on paper, and calls on external scientific laboratories as required (X-rays, analyses, etc.).

The work carried out by the Committee contributes to the enhancement of the painter's work.
A fixed fee of CHF 180 (without laboratory analysis) is charged for examining a work and issuing a certificate.

How to submit a work:

You may submit one or more works to the Foundation Committee.

Please provide us with one image of the front and one image of the back of the work, in high definition and in jpeg, gif or png format.

If you are sending several images, please send them in a compressed (.zip) file, max. size 10 Mb.

The Foundation reserves the right to ask to see the work physically before making a decision.

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